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3 Things That Makes Your Wine More Expensive : Truth Behind The Myths

Have you ever wondered why some wines are so expensive? What’s so much special about them? However,  it is possible that you may get a bottle of $20 that can pass the taste of a $100 bottle. So, what’s the point?

After conducting the research, we concluded that there are 3 factors that make the wine more expensive. Secondly, we have revealed some truths behind the confusion of cheap vs expensive wines.

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Oak Barrels Are Something That Are Rarely Used

Most people don’t know that oak barrels are the main reasons for expensive wine bottles. The oak notes in the barrels make the taste of the wine become much more smoother and delicious because the wine is exposed to the oxygen.

Moreover, when the oxygen penetrates the oak barrels, a very small amount of wine evaporates which is also known as “Angel’s Share”. The best thing this evaporation brings is that it makes the taste more focused and delicious.

Purchasing a bottle of oak-aged wine might be more expensive for you. 

Only two oak barrels can be made from a century-old tree, which is one of the reasons oak barrels are so expensive. Since French oak barrels cost almost twice as much as American oak barrels, they are more desirable.

The Older The Wine The Expensive It Becomes

If you are a regular drinker or wine lover, then you may know that older wine bottles are commonly more expensive than the new ones. However, the fact is that this rule only applies to red wine only. So, don;t be fooled by someone by getting old white wine.

When we mean the old the better, it means that when the wine has had enough time, it alters the overall flavour of the fruit in the wine which makes it more valuable. So in this way, if you make your wine more aged, it will be more tasteful and worthy to drink with the right person.

You Can Find A True Taste Of Wine In The Right Vineyard 

You can not get the right taste unless you choose the right grapes that are flavourful. It is very crucial in the process of making wine. However, the only reason wineries try to use less grapes is to make it more flavourful.

Additionally, the type of grapes grown in the vineyard can influence the wine’s price. In 2010, the price of Merlot per ton averaged $1,300 while the price of Cabernet Sauvignon averaged almost $4,000. 

There was an almost two dollar increase for Merlot, while there was an almost six dollar increase for Cabernet.

Bottom Line

Like we said, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, the taste of wine is in the hands of the winemaker. It does not make any sense that if the grapes are grown in a very reasonable place, it will make the right wine bottle. Until or unless, the wine artist knows how to handle the fermentation process and think outside the box.

Equipment and process matters, but the most important thing that matters is the passion and creativity that makes the procedure more enjoyable.

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