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Have you ever wondered why not all cognac is of the same quality? Why there are categories of cognac? These cognacs have different tastes as well as physical properties. The reason it is the type of barrel used to make the drink.

What are the types of barrels? 

Though there are various categories of cognac barrel, broadly they are divided into two groups. They are as follows:

  • Quercus pedunculata: Barrels made from these woods lead to smoking red color of cognac. Also, they have a woody taste with mixed vanilla tones. These woods are generally found in countries like France. 
  • Quercus sessiliflora: These woods give an amber tone to the cognac. Also, they add a coconut flavor to the cognac. These woods are usually found in North America, and they are 125 to 250 years old. 

Are all barrels the same?

Barrels are not the same. The purpose of the barrel is to fragment and oxidize the beverage with air. High-quality barrels help in slow fragmentation. This increases the overall taste of the cognac. On the other hand, low-quality barrels lead to rough feeling. These drinks have an improper alcohol percentage. 

How to identify a high-quality barrel?

There are minimal ways to identify the quality of the barrel. However, you can understand the quality of the barrel in two primary ways. The first method is to know the material. The quality of wood changes the result by a considerable margin. Hence, we suggest you choose a barrel that is made from premium quality of wood. This will not only give you the desired beverage, but also the barrel will last long. 

The second method is to know the process through which the barrel is made. Usually, good quality barrels are toasted and then, coopered. 

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