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Brew the herbal tea with oak barrels

How different is Kombucha barrel?

Though Kombucha barrels are made of the same material as of any wine barrel. However, the difference is of design. Kombucha barrels usually have a hole on the top face of the barrel. Also, they have a spigot attached to the bottom of the barrel. Other than this, they look similar to any other barrel in the market. Of course, there are different versions of barrels in the market, but this is the most basic and effective one. Bochart provides you barrels of this particular design only. This makes them highly effective as they brew the tea in a short period. 

What to know before brewing?

Brewing tea in an oak barrel requires some precautions. Generally, people are unaware of these precautions, which lead to improper brewing. The first thing is to sanitize the barrel. After making sure that there is no leakage in the barrel, we suggest you sanitize it. This process makes sure that the undesirable bacteria get removed from the barrel. This promotes proper fermentation of the yeast. Hence, you will get the perfect and healthy tea. 

How is the oak barrel tea different from glass vessels?

The most significant difference you will observe in these is of flavor. Usually, glass vessel tea does not add any additional flavor to the tea except the ones you add. However, in the case of an oak barrel, you will get the extra aroma and taste of oak wood. There are various researches, which show that oak barrel tea is much healthier than a beverage brewed in a glass vessel. 

With our experience and knowledge, we offer you oak barrels specifically for kombucha tea. We are always available for you through our contact form and live chat.