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Make Rich Homemade Vinegar

How different is a vinegar barrel?

Usually, you may have heard of winemaking barrels, which have natural elements in them. These natural elements get diluted with the wine and add natural aroma to it. Hence, barrels with natural fragrance are crucial for winemaking. However, the process of vinegar requires an entirely different type of barrel. These barrels do not need to have natural elements in them as these hinder the natural taste of vinegar. 

There are instances where famous vinegar makers use old wine barrels, which do not have oak elements in them. However, these barrels are incredibly fragile and have low durability. Therefore, if you are looking for a barrel that lasts long, then, new barrels are the only option. 

What to look in a vinegar barrel?

In the current scenario it can be quite challenging to choose a vinegar barrel. Various companies offer you these barrels, but only a few of them meet the cut. We here at Bochart, help you find the most excellent vinegar barrel of 20 L. These barrels are made from the finest toasted wood, which preserved the natural quality of wood. 

Also, one of the main problems with the vinegar barrel is choking. There are instances where a barrel got completely unuseful due to choking. To overcome this problem, we installed a wooden spigot in the barrel. Hence, this makes it easy to clean and use. 

Is there any customization needed?

The barrels that we offer are ready to use the moment you have them. The barrel has all the necessary holes in it, which are required in the process of vinegar making. However, we suggest you rinse any vinegar barrel for at least 24 hours with hot water. This is a necessary step to prevent leakage in a barrel. 

You still might have some questions regarding vinegar fragmentation. You can contact us through the contact form or live chat.