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Wine Barrel – The secret of wine is the container


What are oak barrels?

Barrels are of two types of wine making barrels .i.e., wooden wine barrel and steel wine barrel. Both of them are extremely effective for winemaking, but oak wine barrels are considered as one of the best barrels in the world. These barrels promote the natural fragmentation of the wine while it adds the elements of oak in it. Fragmenting an oak wine is a lengthy process and requires barrels with the finest wood. We here at Bochart, make sure that our barrels are made from the most magnificent oak trees. These barrels not only add aroma to the wine but also they last more than a standard barrel. 

Do the barrels last long?

One of the problems that most winemakers face is buying new wine barrels frequently. A regular barrel usually lasts two to three fragmentations. After this, you will have to buy a new oak wine barrel. However, our barrels are of the finest quality that makes them last longer than any standard barrel in the market. 

Are they new?

There are various companies in the market that provide you with used oak barrels. This leads to the low quality of the wine as the elements of oak are low in the applied barrel. However, Bochart offers you the new wine barrels for sale, which are affordable and of the finest quality. 

What are the sizes of barrels?

Bochart provides you with a wide range of variety. So that you can buy wine barrels that meet your requirements. We offer 1.4L, 1.7L, 3L, 5L, 10L capacity small oak barrels. While we also provide 15L, 20L, 23L, 30L, 50L, 70L, 100L capacity big oak barrels. Needless to mention, all of these barrels are of the same quality, which meets the international requirements for making a glass of wine. 

If you are eager to know more about oak barrels then, you can contact us through the contact form or live chat. We would be extremely obliged to help you.