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Get the perfect sourness in a pickle

What are the types of pickles?

This is the most essential step before fermenting a pickle. This helps you to understand the various process through which you can ferment a pickle. Also, this explains the importance of pickle barrels. Broadly, there are four categories of pickles: 

  • Fermented pickles: This is the most ancient method of fermenting a pickle. In this method, vegetables are soaked in a brine solution for more than five weeks. During the fermentation, yeast produces acid, which preserves the vegetable, which is supported with salt. Another essential part of this process is barrels. Barrels help the solution to oxidize with the air and add crucial natural elements to it. 
  • Refrigerated pickle: These pickles are the easiest to ferment as they take the shortest period. Usually, vegetables are soaked in a brine solution for up to a week in a glass vessel. After that, they are store and preserved in the refrigerator. Though, these pickles are quickest to ferment but are not of the top-notch taste. Notably, they do not match the taste of barrel pickles. 
  • Fruit pickle: These pickles usually have a sweet taste in them. They are fermented in sugar syrups. 
  • Relishes: These are pickles, in which vegetables are fried and soaked in spicy vinegar for more than a week. Though they have a great flavor, they are not the best in class. 

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