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Brew the best beer in the world

Which is the perfect material to brew beer?

There have been various researches, which show that beers brewed in wooden barrels have the top-notch flavor. The primary purpose of a barrel is to support fermentation and dilute additional characters in the beverage. This purpose is perfectly solved by oak barrels. Since they are made of woods, they have natural pours in them. These pours promote the slow fermentation of the beer and add the elements of oak in it. Though, these elements slowly fade away after a few fermentations. This is one of the reasons behind giants not using oak barrels. However, there are specific alternatives to it too. You can easily add oak chips in a used barrel to similar tastes like a beer from a new barrel. 

We here at Bochart, offer you a variety of oak barrels of different sizes from 1.4 L to 40 L. All of our barrels are of the most competent barrels in the market. They are made from the finest oak in the world, this increases the durability of our barrels more than other barrels.

Used or new barrels?

This depends on your requirements. If you are desiring for a strong wood flavored beer with the most exceptional aroma, then, new barrels are the perfect option. These barrels are more durable than the used ones. Also, Bochart provides you with barrels with the most reasonable price in the market. However, if you are looking for a regular beer with no aroma in it, then used barrels are a better option.  

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