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Small Oak Barrels – Oak elements in the shortest period


What are the types of barrels?

There are various categories of barrels in the world. However, they are usually divided based on size and material. In terms of material, there are two well-known barrels, wooden and steel. On the other hand, there are two types of barrels in terms of size, i.e. small and big. 

How size matter?

The size of the barrel can change the quality of a wine by a huge margin. In the case of a small barrel, a small quantity of beverage is stored like five liters. Due to the low quantity, the contact of oak with the wine is more. This leads to a higher concentration of oak elements in the wine. Also, the small barrels fragment the wine in a short period. On the other hand, big oak barrels require a longer period for fragmentation of wine. Keeping this in mind, we here at Bochart, produce small oak barrels as well as big oak barrels of high quality.  

How to choose a quality oak barrel?

Since there are various oak barrels in the market, it is quite challenging to select one. There are oak barrels in the market that are made of American oak, while you may also find French oak barrels. Each of them has a different property and aroma. However, American oak is considered one of the best wood for barrels. Barrels made from these oak trees are of the finest quality and are used to fragment world-famous wines of Italy and France. Hence, the first step is to know the material.

How long does a barrel last?

Wines fragmented in Oak barrels have the richest aroma and taste. However, fragmentation of wine is a lengthy process, which consumes a lot of properties of the barrel. Hence, a normal barrel loses the elements of oak after two to three fragmentation. After that, you may have to use oak chips. However, the quality barrels provided by Bochart last a lot longer than a normal barrel. 

If you are still facing a problem with choosing small oak barrels for sale then, you can easily contact us through the contact form or live chat. We would be happy to help you.