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4 Steps You Shouldn’t Miss To Taste Your Best Wine

When it comes to wine tasting, there are a good number of things that can go wrong. If you’re terrified by the idea of having your first (or next) sip analyzed like a professional—don’t be! It is time consuming and takes practice but with these four steps under our belts we promise anyone can do this!


1 – Always Choose The Right Glass

Cabernet tastes best in a large, stemmed clear glass. Holding the wineglass by its stem helps prevent your hand from warming up the wine and allows aromas to transfer between it and your nose.


If you find that your white or red wines are too cold for smell-tasting purposes, hold hands around their bowl of glasses as this will help warm them up without affecting taste! The Twomey Sauvignon Blanc is intended to be served (and enjoyed!) at 49-55°F while our Cabernets should ideally be consumed when they’re 60-65°F


2 – Don’t Forget To Look At The Color Of The Wine

The more brown you see in your glass, the older your Cabernet may be. You can test to determine how old a bottle of wine is by checking out its color at different angles and comparing it to other bottles that are known quantities.


3 – Give It A Swirl & Feel The Smell

Swirl the wine in your glass. This introduces more oxygen and allows the aromas from it to fill up your glass. Take a whiff, consider what you can smell; think of each scent as being categorized into fruit or oak scents respectively – take some time for one before moving on to others!


4 – Taste The Wine You Made

To examine the weight and texture of a wine, think about whether it feels like skim milk or whole milk. This describes the weight on your palate; do you notice any tannins? A film-like consistency implies high tannin levels which can be unpleasant for some people’s palates.


Helpful Tasting Tips You Regret Missing

If you are tasting multiple wines, it is always okay to grab a spittoon (or spit bucket) and subtly spit out your wine after swirling and tasting. Clear minds are paramount to enjoying all that’s in your glass—or multiple glasses if you’re tasting more than one wine!


When you start questioning what the wine smells and tastes like, it’s a good idea to follow your nose. Our Napa Valley Winemaker Laura Oskwarek suggests stepping away for a few minutes to drink some water so that your palate can reset itself before resuming tasting.

2 Confused Terms That Are Commonly Used

Wine can be intimidating. Don’t worry, we will give you all the information so that next time wine is being poured, you come across like an expert! Here are some common terms to know

1 – Tannins vs Dry

Wine can make your mouth feel dry due to tannins—the compounds that give the wine a bitter or astringent taste. Tannin binds with proteins, creating an unpleasant chalky sensation in our mouths. If you don’t like this feeling after drinking wine, try pairing it instead with steak or aged cheeses; they’ll cancel out those flavors and leave room for other tastes!

2 – Fruity Vs Sweet

Fruity wines are named for their aromas and flavors. For example, the wine we have today is fruity because it has a unique mixture of fruit fragrances like blackberries or blueberries that make up its flavor profile. However, sweet wines aren’t always aromatic and don’t necessarily contain fruits as an essential ingredient in them—it’s just one way to describe how they taste! Our Cabernet Sauvignon falls into this category:


It doesn’t smell particularly sweet nor does it really fit our idea of what “sweet” would be; however when you drink a glass (or two) you’ll definitely notice some sweetness on your palate but know why? That’s due to high levels of sugars naturally found within


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