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Why is barrel used?

The barrel is a hollow cylindrical container, which is generally made of wood or steel. These containers are used all over the world to store beverages for the fragmentation or aging process. Some beverages usually stored are wine, whiskey, and beer. One of the most famous barrels is the oak barrel. These barrels are known for adding the natural elements and aroma in the beverage.

Barrels are also used to oxidize the wine. In a barrel, air comes in contact with the wine through the pores in the wood. Due to this, slow evaporation takes place and the thickness of the beverage increases. 

Based on the period of storage in a barrel, wines can be categorized as follows:

  • New World Pinot noir: These wines spend less than a year in the barrel. Hence, they have the least elements of the oak barrel as compared to others. 
  • Premium Cabernet Sauvignon: These wines spend about two years in the barrel. 
  • Nebbiolo grape: These wines spend four or more years in the barrel. They are considered one of the best wines in the world. 
  • High-end Rioja: These wines are of top-notch quality. They spend more than ten years in the barrels. 

The most famous wine producers in the world usually use large oak barrels. These barrels are enormous and can store more than 300 liters. In these barrels, a cubic wine comes in contact with a large surface area. This leads to dilution of the elements of oak into the wine. Since there is a large quantity of beverage in the barrel, it takes the most extended period to get the desired wine. You may be shocked to know that the best wines in the market are stored in the barrels for at least eight-year or more. 

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