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What makes oak barrels unique?

What does a barrel do? 

Since barrels usually are made of wood they have small pours in them. These pour help in the exchange of air in the barrel and environment. Due to this exchange, oxidation takes place, and the bacteria react with the beverage. This also promotes evaporation, which leads to a thickness of drink and an increase in the concentration of alcohol. 

Another role of the barrel is to add natural aroma and taste in the beverage. Barrels of different woods add different aroma and flavor in the beverage. However, the most preferable wood is oak, as the characters added by it outmatch all. 

How size changes concentration?

The size of the barrel is another essential factor for beverage fermentation. Usually, beverage giants use large barrels as they produce them on a large scale. However, the size of the barrel not only changes flavor but also the period of fermentation. Beverages in large oak barrels usually take a more extended period and provide low concentration. Since the area of contact between wood and cubic volume of beverage is flat, the fermentation proceeds slowly. 

In the case of small barrels, the fermentation is fast due to extensive contact between the liquid and wood. Thus, these barrels give highly concentrated beverages in a short period. 

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