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What Is Whiskey & How Many Types It Has

There is a huge history of whiskey that originates from Italy in the 13th century. The whiskey was first introduced in Europe and then all over the world. With time, the competition arises and we should thank the producers. In the race of competition, we get more tasteful whiskeys and that’s what every person cares about.

However, the several types of whiskey is a tribute to something!

Here in this blogpost, we have shared the true definition of whiskey and its type in case you want to know!

Let’s get started!

A Little Sneak Peak About The Whiskey

The whiskey is an amber-colored distilled water which is the result of grain fermentation such as rye, wheat, corn, barley, etc. The whiskey contains 40% alcohol and is aged in wooden casks.

In general, there are a bunch of whiskey types that we shared below!

Types Of Whiskeys

Straight & Bourbon Whiskey

The straight whiskey indicates the type of whiskey that are legally enclosed inside the bottles and are aged in charred new oak containers for at least two years. Another fact that differs from straight whiskey is that it is illegal to add any colour inside it.

On the other hand, bourbon whiskey is made of the mash of 51% corn. You will be surprised after knowing that bourbon whiskey is the largest and most drinking category of whiskey in America.

Wheat Whiskey

Wheat whiskey must mature in charred new oak barrels, just like bourbon, rye and most American whiskeys.

A wheat whiskey is also created by mixing at least 51 percent wheat into a mash, but its popularity is much lower than that of rye or bourbon. When compared to rye, wheat delivers soft sweetness and floral notes, the opposite of rye’s strength.

Malt Whiskey & Single Malt Whiskey

The fermentation of malt whiskey is set to the same standards of wheat whiskey. But, the percentage of malt barley is less than 51% in it. However, it comes in scotch whiskey and most drinkers consider it to be the best type of whiskey.

On the other hand, the single malt whiskey is a very popular and well-fermented type of whiskey in the scotland. Moreover, it is also a very big exporting product of scotland.

Last But Not Least : Corn Whiskey

In this category, you’ll mostly find cheap Mellow Corn, which has a cult following of corn-obsessed followers. Whiskey made out of corn must have a mash made up of 80 percent corn and must meet the usual proof restrictions.

Corn whiskey cannot undergo any additional treatment beyond standard aging using charred wood, according to the TTB. Only a few distilleries make corn whiskey, which is particularly sweet.

Light Whiskey

The light whiskey was first designated in 1968 and it is very rare in 2021. However, they are the type of whiskey between the standard whiskey and neutral grain spirit.

When it comes to their production, they should have at least 85% ABV but not more than 95%. They are commonly known as Canadian blended whiskey.

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