Oak barrel 3.9 gallons


Make a statement with our stainless hooped European oak barrels. Even though smaller than their larger cousins, our specialty oak barrels are the real thing and will be right at home in your kitchen or bar. The black steel hoops will react to the changes in humidity and seasons and will age to a beautiful patina giving your barrel that special vintage look. Perfect as an aging and mellowing barrel for liquors and wines or making vinegars and ciders, each oak barrel comes detailed with stainless hoops, and with its own stand, bung and spigot. We provide engraving service!

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    Can you imagine at least one celebration or business presentation without a drink, dizzying even the most demanding person by its aroma and taste?

    Wine-making is developed in all countries of the world where grapes are grown and religion allows the alcoholic drinks. Therefore it is no surprise of the fact that at peasant and farm houses, in cellars, there are oak barrels full of different drinks “for themselves”, and possibly to be sold at farmers’ fairs. Enjoying the sipping of own production drink, breathing the exquisite bouquet of aromas, has become a part of the culture for a long time.

    You need an oak barrel with the volume of 15 liters if you decided to become a winemaker. This wooden barrel is ideal for production, ageing or transportation of various alcoholic drinks – red and white wine, beer, cognac, brandy, rum, whiskey, etc. In addition, oak barrels with the volume of 15 liters can be used for production and use of non-alcoholic drinks such as non-alcoholic or low-alcohol drink made from herbs that are good to allay thirst during the warmer months.

    Our oak barrels are suitable not only for home winemaking. If you are a green winemaker and restaurateur, you also should pay attention to oak barrels with the volume of 15 liters; as such volume is ideal for regaling alcoholic drinks to your guests.

    American oak barrels are made exclusively from environmentally clean and high quality material. So, we guarantee high quality of the barrels and drinks that will be made in it.

    Oak barrel is beneficial not only to the taste of wine or brandy, but also has a positive effect on human health owing to components, hidden in the wood – tannins.

    Oak barrel, owing to its porous material, fills the future drink with oxygen, which helps in the process of fermentation, but it protects against sunlight and harmful elements inside, resulting in a mold that can appear.

    No one barrel of synthetic material can be compared with the oak barrel by its ecological compatibility. Do not skimp on quality!

    Choose the most suitable barrel for you and enjoy qualitative wine or other drinks with friends, family or guests.

    Additional information

    Weight 5 kg
    Dimensions 29 × 31 × 36 cm


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